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November 25th 2020

My new game got a chunky update past weekend! As part of a gamejam called "Finish Your Game", I was able to invest a lot of time and add 85 new sounds, new music and new art, as well as a new hand-drawn font. You can get the game on and read the list of changes in the devlog entry. My patrons will be in the game as well, and I will draw all names in a future livestream on twitch, so if you'd like to see me draw your name, you too shall become a patron and support all my creative adventures.

Thank you for reading!

October 17th 2020

A friend of mine released a new remix album, featuring samples from Halfquake OST, Taskless Sheep and my own music. I've come up with a video for it, using Unity and a lot of post-processing effects! I really like what he has done with the music, and I hope you like it as well.

More Catty & Batty game updates are on the way as well, keep an eye on this playlist, as I will add all devlog updates to it as they are released. The game is definitely progressing well and I'm still very excited to work on it. The full release is getting closer, although (obviously) won't happen this year.

Thanks for reading! I wish you all a good day.

September 26th 2020

A lot happened once again, the game surely is coming along well! I did have some motivation issues with the options menu, but I've surpassed it and made lots of progress. Sounds and music will happen very soon, and I'm really excited about that.

August 24th 2020

Catty & Batty is progressing rather well! There are thirty levels now and the game can technically be played from beginning to end. There are still a few details left to add, in addition to (of course) sounds and music, but this is a pretty good milestone to have. The game definitely exists now and it feels good, a definitive point of no return.

I'm not sure when it will be finished, but my hope is that I can still complete it this year. Fingers crossed!

You can purchase it on or become a patron to get early access, if you want to watch it grow.

July 27th 2020

Catty & Batty 2 has been in development since late 2018, and now it's finally time to share the progress with you all through development log videos! I'll try to put them out on a regular schedule, but I'm also trying to not burn out on these too quickly. Hopefully you'll join me on my latest adventure!




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