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November 01st 2010

Ah, and here we are again.

As you might have noticed, the server was down for the past few days. The real cause was never found (presumably hacking attempts), but the HDD got replaced and filled with a fresh OS install. We'll see if the problem returns.

If any error pops up anywhere, feel free to tell me about it.

And as always, thank you for staying around.

September 05th 2010

And the winner of the 6th PHQ Contest is Chekaloff, who not only submitted pictures of two finished Sadism Express models, but also included a detailed step by step tutorial on how to make your own! Congratulations!

The awesomeness doesn't stop there though. Actine sent in another bunch of pictures, including Pestilence Keyboard, Sandism Somos, and Sandism Ambience (the part with the School of Sadism on top of a hill).

TheNameless brightened my day with his Adventure of Tim Vic.

Two games have been sent in, namely The Victim Processing Facility (screenshot) by Zeustiger (you need this to play), and Halfquake Moon (screenshot) by HunterxD007.

Raveseven remade the Halfquake Amen Intro song, while Szaladin put his mind to work on a For What It's Worth Ambient Mix.

Hexonoize submitted an experimental Blueberry Hill Remix and Kowi an insane version of Trapped.

Thank you everyone for your submissions! As advertized, the winner will get the main package, while everyone else will receive a little surprise in the next few weeks.

September 01st 2010

And so, the sixth PHQ contest ends!

There have been some excellent submissions, I'm blown away by awesomeness. It's gonna be very hard to pick a winner. Come back on September 5th to find out who gets the main package.

Also, today Halfquake Amen is eight years old! To celebrate this, all items at the Place Where You Can Buy Things will be reduced by 25% until September 5th.

August 24th 2010

If you ever wanted to read Antaran's Journal in Polish, now you can! Thanks to blattdorf for the translation.

Steltie and Actine have been blessed with awesome friends and received very special gifts for their respective birthdays. Check out their new possessions below.

Steltie's Area of Random Explosions (by Kiddikai and Alfafish)Actine's Opened Sunrise BoxActine's Opened Sunrise Box
Actine's HammerSteltie's Free Cookies Box (by Kiddikai and Alfafish)Actine's No Free Cookies BoxActine's Sunrise Box

Also, here's your last reminder that the contest ends on September 1st 2010. Remember, every participant will receive a little surprise. Yes, even for a simple Halfquake screenshot with a silly doodle painted across it. Although in that case, the little surprise might explode in your face when opened. You've been warned!

July 18th 2010

Personal Halfquake has been updated, despite the fact that the heat is slowly burning away my skin!

Also, Halfquake Sunrise was picked as the ModDB Staff Selection of June 2010!

In case you're wondering - I've got a few projects planned right now and I'll talk about them some more when they're actually in development. Let's just say that my head is full of ideas and some of those had to be held back during the development of Halfquake Sunrise. Now they can finally come out and flourish!




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