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May 13th 2009

I suppose that people who have joined the previous Death List™ are already dead by now, so I've started a new one. Those who join the Death List™ will be the first to receive information about the release of Halfquake Sunrise.

Also, in case you haven't noticed yet, I've added HQS to

The Dying For The Greater Good activity is still alive, so if you feel like (fake) dying and recording your agony - now's your chance.

April 23rd 2009

The album Meadow Mayhem by Taskless Sheep has been released!

Here's a convenient direct download link (138MB). Also, be sure to download the high-resolution booklet pages for your viewing pleasure.

February 16th 2009

February 11th 2009

Podcast 17 is providing truth about Halfquake in their latest transmission.

February 01st 2009

LupusRex, also known as Werewolf who's responsible for this image, has composed an awesome version of Ambience. You can get it here.

The following tracks have also been added to the downloads section:

- Kowi - Gothazod
- Kowi - Hey Mr. Super-Victim (remixed by TaskBeenden)
- Mox Diamond - Victim Remix
- Rich Douglas - First Trap
- Rich Douglas - Halfquake
- TheNameless - Surreal In Sanity (HQA Sounds Remix)
- TaskBeenden - Why You

And here are a few additional previously submitted images:

Dragon Eats Yo Brains (by Terrok)Yet Another Victim (by Terrok)Halfquake Amen (by Taskbeenden)Patience (by Taskbeenden)Cute Dragons (by Chewbacca)




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