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March 21st 2020

The Kickstarter was a success, thanks to all backers who made this happen! If you haven't backed, you can pre-order the CD in the store.

I've also released two new songs since the last news post, check them out:

While waiting for additional art for the CD, I've focused on Catty & Batty 2, and I can say it's coming along well! I hope I'll be able to show it off soon, and even start writing development posts again over on Patreon.

Speaking of which, special shout outs to EksCelle and IvoryOcean for being patrons! Thank you for your support.

And of course, these are strange times, so I wish you all a lot of energy and strength to get through this. Stay safe and healthy! ❤

January 30th 2020

The Kickstarter for a physical CD release of my new album is now live!

I've also released the final song for the album, it's called broken heaven.

It might be the "final" song, but there will be one more bonus track, to be released in the next few days!

These are exciting times for me :D I can't wait to have the CD in my hands with even more beautiful art by Irene! I'll also have to send out a ton of packages, and while it will be a lot of work, this is something that I'm really looking forward to!

After this whole project is complete, I'll return to Catty & Batty 2 with 100% of my energy. Hopefully I can release it this year! Wish me luck :D

December 16th 2019

Fanart by Hohi
Thanks to Hohi for this awesome fanart!

In October, Catty & Batty experienced their latest adventure. They also received their very own website, which you can check out here.

Two more songs were added to the list of the upcoming album "A Light Long Gone":

Also, all of my Cry of Fear songs are now on YouTube as well.

There is one more song left to release (hopefully during December), then the album will see a complete distribution on Spotify and everywhere else. There will also be a physical edition, which is going to happen via Kickstarter.

What's next? Of course, more Catty & Batty 2! Please look forward to that. :3

Special shout out to JanKaszanka, KeshaFilm, nyyet and Clay for being a patron for five months! Thank you!

October 05th 2019

The results for the Halfquake Art Contest are in!

Thank you Gadirhkop, Hohi, TheBetaHawk, Daniel Floyd, Greenbox, Pao Sebastian, Jace, KeshaFilm, Coda, Veven, and Futeko Snowfeather for your submissions!

We also have a music track by Inconnu Fletnn called YNA, it's based on unreleased Halfquake Sunrise soundtrack drums that I previously offered for remixes.

September 17th 2019

After several years, another Halfquake Art Contest is now underway! To participate, create a Halfquake-related image and submit it by October 1st 2019 via email. More details can be found in this post.

Djigallag played through the whole Halfquake Trilogy live on Twitch, you can find the archive here.

And I released a new song called middle one, hope you enjoy!




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