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March 17th 2003

Got two new wallpapers by avokataran:

Number 1
Number 2

A little update on Darrn's project, sunrise at 5 am, tiredness and hopefully a new Halfquake Amen Comic today. And maybe even some war here and there.

We'll feel what life means when we die.

Stay dead.

March 15th 2003

Thanks to all of you who waited and showed enough patience. Now we're online again.

Avokataran, a guy from Personal Halfquake, made a desktop wallpaper. Click here.

New T-shirts are available in the Personal Halfquake shop. You must register to gain access. Hope you like them.

I'm working hard on improvements in PHQ. Though I'm already thinking about a next project. I don't know if it will be a Warcraft III map or a music project far away from Halfquake.

Time will show me the way.

March 04th 2003

I found some new forum entries concerning halfquake amen and the farm:

- TenFourMaps
- GreatSilliness
- Todesangst2

We've currently about 60 sadists registered at Personal Halfquake. Hope this is not the end.

And be prepared for a new Halfquake Comic today.

March 03rd 2003

Yes. The strikenet server was down the last few days. Personal Halfquake got released on March 1st anyway. Click here.

Rich created another piece of music called "The First Trap". It's based on the letter field. At 32 seconds the field breaks in two halfs. Download here.

I'm going to play some more warcraft 3 and learn how to handle this engine. Be prepared for even more sadism.

Death is amazing.
If you're already dead.

February 26th 2003

Important day!

First I became the artist of the week on! Thanks to deiru!

Then an e-mail reached my soul:


I just wanted to let you and your team know that I really enjoy this mod.. it's frustrating, cool, completely original, and throws the player in interesting and sometimes scary situations that one would only see in Hell itself. Being a former film major I can respect your influences from films like "Cube" (I always thought it would make a great game or mod) and you guys gave the public half-quake which is an INCREDIBLE concept! Also, being involved heavily in the film music process, I must say how impressed I am with your orignal compositions and your music selection, they work so well! I actually used to compose orchestral / techno music for student films in film school, I wrote music for 9 films and sound very realistic. To be honest, if you need someone to do more of an ambient orchestral track or two, please let me know, i would be very interested in doing some music for you guys if you plan on doing a third sequel. If you want to hear some samples of my music, head over to . Also, I've attatched a small piece of music I've done inspired by your Half-Quake mods to show you how much I do truly enjoy them. Enjoy! And keep up the great work!


Rich Douglas

You can download this very good piece of music here. Thanks to you Rich!




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