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June 30th 2016

Somos Art by Rose from MachinesBleedToo

Rose Morgan drew Somos in her own style; you can check out her website over at She's a disabled artist and can use all the help and support she can get.

Here's another Somos drawing, created by Irina:

Somos by Irina

Another highlight this month was Keygen's song "I Am Safe" from Halfquake Sunrise being used in an Undertale video (at around 6:37):

And here's another list of articles that have accumulated since the last news item:
Until next time; and remember, always remain seated and keep your limbs inside your bubble!

May 22nd 2016


I'm just here to post this picture I got for my birthday:

MS Birthday Art Gadirhkop's Friend
As well as the video in which Halfquake was mentioned (if you don't know it already):

The book's coming!

April 22nd 2016

Good ol' Szaladin is working on a 2D Halfquake game, primarily based on the HQA Comic. He's looking for more encouragement, so if you want to play it (and I did, it's awesome), let him know! Here are some screenshots:


Djigallag, who has previously been drawing a HQ comic, created a game called Phapabel, which tells a story about a rival institute that got abandoned. It's in active development, and you can check out what it looks like in this trailer and these shots:


Meanwhile, Useless Soul continues to grow:


And here are more articles that you might have missed, written by yours truly:And yes, the book.


March 15th 2016

What you see here is a beautiful hand-made Halfquake Amen fenechka, created by Mel over a timespan of ten days - thank you for sharing, Mr. Rush!

And here's some more three-dimensional Halfquake stuff (by Mr. Greg).

Recently, I took a look back at an alternative introduction speech of Halfquake Sunrise, posted a screenshot of my old game "Emaility", and offered almost 400 sound files of Halfquake Sunrise's soundbank for your eager ears.

Currently, I'm (still) finalizing my book, and playing Danganronpa when not working on the book cover. (I already played Danganronpa 2 on my Vita, so I simply had to play the first one too, now that it's on Steam!)

Stay dead, will ya?

February 11th 2016

Hello and welcome to the year 201Б. I bring proof to ye heathens that this year is starting strong, and it will hopefully remain on that level.

First, we have an excellent Somos animation by Human Unit.

Second, new fan drawings by TheNikivarvar and Julian2365, as well as new screenshots for Useless Soul.


As for myself, I've released Catty & Batty, which is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. It's a game made especially for my significant other. If you get stuck, try either hitting space or arrow keys.

And finally, I've posted a bunch of new articles:I was temporarily unable to continue working on my projects, but I'm slowly recovering and continuing. Y'all should start seeing something new pretty soon.




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