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June 08th 2004

Sorry, no new comic this week. Real life is really annoying at the moment, and I can't help it. We're moving to a new place, final exams are in exactly 2 weeks and I'm tired like hell. I hope that I'll be able to do ANYTHING after the next two weeks. I dunno, but at the moment I feel simply dead. I wish I could screw it all, sit in a dark room all day long an do something useful. *sigh* Please be patient... I know that this should never happen to any webcomic or any PROJECT in general, but this situation really caught me off guard. Things here will be better once I return.

You'll be glad to hear that even if I don't have any time I'll release a small surprise (hopefully) this weekend on which I try to relax and get some sleep.

Also, I'd be glad if there were more contestants for the 4th tshirt contest. So don't be lazy, take a picture of your room and send it over! The contest ends on 1st July 2004.

May 12th 2004

For those of you who care about foreign language: Toyoch, one of our japanese community (actually I think he's the only one from japan who likes halfquake..), translated my songs into japanese. Watch this and get blown away. I owe him a lot. (:

May 09th 2004

Two new things, in case you haven't already recognized them:

- We've got a new forum on the farm! It's merged with the PHQ forum, so you'll need a PHQ account to join us here.

- I've added a death list for Halfquake Sunrise, just visit the mod site

Stay dead.

May 05th 2004

Near the end of Halfquake Amen I was quite busy. I worked about 5 hours from Monday to Thursday (20 hours a week), most of the time staying awake until 2 am.

I guess, I'm reaching that limit again. I go to bed at 2 am, after I had worked for about 5-7 hours. You wonder if I have a life? Well, I do. A screwed up one. Things are going to fall apart, actually. I still don't know what my purpose in real life is. I still find people, telling me how unnatural it is not to go outside for a while, to have unnatural white skin and dark rings beneath my eyes. Or: "Why do you always wear black clothes?"
And who cares? If I am outside I wonder what people are doing there. They're doing NOTHING. They're just hanging around, drinking, smoking, or meeting with friends for senseless discussions. It's pointless. And if they ask me what my point in my life is, then I answer, I've got a greater point than them. At least, I create something. Even if it's worthless for them, it means a lot to me. I don't want to waste my life by doing nothing. I want to waste my life by creating. And you know, life goes by faster when you're working on something. I guess I know how I'll meet death: By working too much.

May 01st 2004

Ack, I deleted the latest news post.. well, again, if you want me to notify you when HQS gets released send me an email.

Also, the farm is the new host of WeAreDragons because their server has deleted their account.

Stay dead.




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