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June 02nd 2005

Well, seems like I have to wait another 8 months to get to do the civilian services. Someone actually just took my place in line, even though I have been waiting for that job for almost 2 years now. That son of a bitch.

Anyway, 8 months! I'll be almost 23 when I'm finished with that government crap. But eh, still 60 until I die. I'm not in a hurry.

Working on HQS. Slowly, but steady.

May 29th 2005

I made another flash game. If you have some spare minutes, click here. Hope you like it.

3 days left until June 1st. I'm still wondering how it will be ...

Good night.

May 08th 2005

I made my first "big" flash, and it's available on the biggest flash portal on the internet. If you want to spend 5 minutes while listening to a NIN song, click here.

Also, I screwed up the domain cancellation, but I hope now it'll work.

Oh, speaking of NiN. The new album "With Teeth" is out and I can fully recommend it. I was really afraid that Trent ran out of ideas, but this shows that there's still some stuff to explore in his sick brain! Check out this review!

Stay dead.

May 04th 2005

Wee, we seem to have a new server. Yeah. Also, I bought a soundcard yesterday and lookey, lookey, I can record stuff with my microphone again. (:

Maybe I'll get an e-guitar soon, I just have to see how much they cost and if I can afford it. Since Vino played his e-guitar to the new HQS songs, I can't stop to think about adding some "heavy metal" to the tracks. I think it is necessary. And while we are at it, real drums would be nice too. But I know only a few people who play drums - it's still a possibility. I'd give my heart and soul for real drums to play around with!

Things are weird at the moment. Still one month left until I'm sent away to serve my country for less than 150 dollars a month. Sitting in the office and coding around on homepages for me or the company I'm working for.

I mustn't look forward or I'll become depressive. So, hey, here I am, I got plenty of time, and I'm having fun, actually. Tonight I'll probably record some stuff after like 1 or 2 months without being able to record! I really like the latest song I made (it's the 10th for the HQS soundtrack already). It's slow, floating and kinda in a happy mood. It's funny, when I look back and see that my recent songs have all been brighter than the ones I did 3-4 years ago. I guess, I'm growing up, or I've found a way to cope with things. Maybe I'm becoming naive.

I've changed a lot. I don't know if I like those changes. Or maybe, I haven't changed, but rather my surroundings. Or both. Actually, when I take a close look at myself, I'm still the same kid like a few years ago, only now I have more money and I can buy stuff that I want, like the new DS or the new NIN album, without having to think when I get the next pocket money from my parents...

Well, until June 1st. Then I'll depend on the money of others again, heh.

Whatever... Money ain't a good thing, I guess, the more you have the less worth are the things you already own. My boss for example, always driving the latest cars, and the newest technologies are a must. Recently he just dropped his laptop on the floor because he was so frustrated. How can a laptop be like a tower of lego for a little kid? It's the lost value, I guess. I also discovered, that the more positive words you receive about your works, the less they are worth and the more you need/want to hear.

It's like I said to an old friend of mine: Don't flatter me because I can't stand it.

April 04th 2005

As you might have heard, Ultimate Contra Force War was a big bad april fools joke. You can still read the fake news entries here.

I'll continue working on HQS (for HL1) as usual. Please be patient.




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