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June 01st 2012

Halfquake Sunrise is two years old now and to celebrate this I'd like to invite every one of you to participate in Doctor O'lolo's officially official Halfquake Trap Design Contest.

Here are the basics:
  • Create your own trap design - however you want.
  • Bonus points if you actually lay out a whole institute full of your own traps!
  • Send your submissions including your Steam profile link to:
  • Your works may be submitted as any medium you require, such as:
    - Images
    - Videos
    - Blueprints
    - Maps / Games
  • Multiple submissions allowed!
  • Deadline: June 24th 2012
All submissions will be posted on this very website and judged by Dr. O'lolo and me. Speaking of which, here are the judging criteria:
  • Originality
  • Artistry
  • Creativity
  • Sadism
We'll rate your submissions in each of these criteria based on a ten-point (1-10) scale; the overall rating is the average score. We'll give you a detailed run-down of each submission once the contest is over.

And finally, the prizes:

Main Prizes:
Given to those who score the highest overall ratings.
  • 1st Place:
    - L.A. Noire (Steam)
    - CS:GO Beta (Steam)
    - The Longest Journey + Dreamfall (Steam)
    - Halfquake DVD
    - HQS t-shirt

  • 2nd Place:
    - Alice: Madness Returns (Steam)
    - Halfquake DVD

  • 3rd Place:
    - Psychonauts (Steam)
    - Halfquake DVD
Additional Prizes:
Given to those who score the highest overall ratings within specific judging criteria. Top three main prize winners are not included, as they already get their prizes.
  • Most Original Design:
    - 1st Place: World of Goo
    - 2nd Place: Osmos

  • Most Sadistic Design:
    - 1st Place: Super Meat Boy
    - 2nd Place: The Binding of Isaac

  • Most Artistic Submission:
    - 1st Place: Braid
    - 2nd Place: Eufloria
All contestants will get a letter, which officially approves everyone's participation. Also, all winning trap designs will be added as official traps to Personal Halfquake.

Note: If you don't have a Steam profile, you may still participate, but you will miss out on the Steam prizes.

Warning: Please don't kill anyone or anything during the creation of your trap(s).

Now, before you go off to your designing tables, here are some additional awesomenessities (that is now a word):
  • Halfquake Sunrise has been translated to Chinese by goodman3.
  • Hagbard_Celine (or dreiundzwanzig) has released a new album called Torn to Pieces.
  • Doctor O'lolo created a drawing of Somos.
And finally, since this is the second anniversary of Halfquake Sunrise, you may look forward to behind-the-scenes stuff throughout the next four weeks.

April 01st 2012

Here's a story about Harry Legendary.

There are three new items available at the Place Where You Can Buy Things:
  • Antaran's Journal - Antaran's Doodles Edition
  • Antaran's Journal - Flip Book Edition
  • MS Printer Service
They'll only be there for a week. You know, as long as the joke's not thin enough to be completely invisible.

(Yes, these are actual items/services!)

March 01st 2012

To anyone late to the party, listen up: Cry of Fear is out!

I've come up with five tracks for the game, to my knowledge only three made it into the final version, but you may still listen to all of them.

Speaking of music, everyone who's buying the Keratordash album is getting a huge wallpaper as a little special thank you gift.

I'm once again working on several projects at once, if you want you can show me the way.

February 02nd 2012

After almost two years, the album Desound by our new band Keratordash (that's Pinkerator and me) is finished and ready to be downloaded or - if you're feeling generous - bought for any price. You have several other options to consume Desound, simply head to the website and check out the links for each song and at the bottom.

And to top it off, we have more images by EvilSun and DarkLightSun!

EvilSun's Going Insane DarkLightSun's Evil Smile

And if after Keratordash your ears are still intact and you need some sleeping aid, listen to this cover of Emperor of Death. Sweet dreams!

January 27th 2012

Here are two photos of Somos on vacation:

Lolrev's Somos EvilSun's Somos

I'd say he's enjoying his time off!

Furthermore, Leherus provides us with 8-bit versions of Sunrise and Sapience (among others), and Denikover came up with a video for Sweet Little Farm (some time ago, actually).

Remember the post about I'm a Dragon? Well, I found a way to revive it. Read the two available project updates to get a gist of what's the current status. Short version: I found a new exciting way to make it work and I promised myself I'd finish at least the world, so players can traverse it and interact with NPCs. Most features of the old version (prior to Steltie's version) have been implemented again, so I'm already at the content creation stage.

I guess openly talking about the problems with IAD really helped, so thanks for listening! Expect more news soon.




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