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July 11th 2011

The 7th PHQ Contest is now officially over! Check back soon for the announcement of the top five entries. In the meantime you can still vote for the submissions.

June 24th 2011

I realize I've chosen a bad time for some of the potential contestants because this is usually the month of (final) exams and other sadistic school/university tactics to decrease certain individuals' spare time to practically zero. I've been asked to add a few additional days, so the new deadline for the Halfquake Art Contest is July 10th!

Also, due to the Halfquake Sunrise anniversary, I've been adding HQS soundtrack videos to YouTube the past two weeks and I will add the rest of them in the coming days.

June 02nd 2011

One year has passed already, Halfquake Sunrise is one year old. I've kicked off yet another Halfquake contest and you may read all the details over at the contest's page. Among other things, you can win Portal 2 and Alice: Madness Returns.

The Halfquake DVD, which the top five contestants will receive, has once again been updated with over 60 scans from various Halfquake Amen and Halfquake Sunrise notes/sketches.

Apart from the contest, I've created the Halfquake trilogy package, which - as the name conveniently suggests - contains all Halfquake parts in one neat container. With this compilation, Halfquake 1 has been upgraded to better support Steam, among other little things.

And finally, take a look at Denikover's Remains fan art and check out his Halfquake Minecraft map.

April 01st 2011

Another short story has been added to The Farm.

February 19th 2011

Thanks to JaeB's Halfcraft Texture Pack (updated to version 1.1), you can now make Minecraft look a little bit more like Halfquake Amen! Make sure you follow the installation instructions included in the zip file. Here is what it looks like in-game:

JaeB's HalfcraftJaeB's HalfcraftJaeB's HalfcraftJaeB's HalfcraftJaeB's Halfcraft

LupusRex sat down again and remastered his Ambience inspired track (now with even more sadism).

And finally, here are some virtual ways to stalk me. There's no asocial network yet, otherwise I would have used that instead. Then again, an asocial network probably doesn't exist because it might be an oxymoron.

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