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February 19th 2003

I just wanted to say that I'm sorry about the lack of new Halfquake Amen Comics. But the good news is that Personal Halfquake is definitely going to be released on March 1st. Be prepared.

"You will die in seven days." - The Ring.

February 13th 2003

One of our best friends banungadawa made a little commercial flash for our Personal Halfquake thingi: click here.

Thanks to you, d00d.

And in case somebody's interested in more of my little music productions:

I released another song called "senseless fools". download here.

Personal Halfquake will be done in about two weeks. We had some traffic problems but now I think we'll get used to it.

February 11th 2003

Best stories are written by life. So everyone's life must be a bestseller.

Well, that's at least what we should think.

But reality is more like the movie "Donnie Darko". I've recently seen this divine peace of - yeah - art and I'm glad that this happened to me. Thanks to jazzymike for showing me another important thing in my life.

It's reality. You go to work and you're surrounded by slaves, zombies, non-individual bored déjà-vu-people. Why déjà-vu?

Because it's like in another one of my favourite movies: "Groundhog Day". Well, not actually the same, but those people - or rather bees - go to their hives every day, do their work, go home, wake up next morning and do the same procedure again and again. Then it's weekend. What does an average citizen do on weekends? Right. He or she gets drunk, goes into the sun, goes skiing, and - oh - the world is so happy and wonderful!

But what about the others? What about people who really form own thoughts, think individually and are able to create their own worlds, stories, music and art?

"Oh, you're so sick! Go back to your tomb!" they get told.

But now I ask you: What's better? Coming from a tomb or working in a hive?

Now you might say: "Well, one day everyone becomes a slave of another one. You can't escape."

And you're so right. That's what depresses my soul. But I'll never lose my own mind. Only over my dead body.

February 07th 2003

So. No new Halfquake Comic. YES, I know. But I got some little details concerning Personal Halfquake for you. Interested? Read on.

  • Make contracts with various agencies to get victims.
  • Build traps to kill victims and gain xp points.
  • Buy items to get more money or more informations about your opponents.
  • Activate sponsoring for even more money.
  • Attack opponents with lots of dragons.
  • Get more and better traps on higher levels.
  • Sell victims on the black market.
  • Gamble with the surprise sadism box.
  • Be the best sadist in the world - or wherever we are.

    Personal Halfquake is about 75% done. Be prepared for a whole new sadistic experience in about two weeks.
  • February 06th 2003

    Sorry, again no new Halfquake Comic. I had some problems with Personal Halfquake and the server.

    And I'm tired as hell. Problem is that there're just one body, just one brain and only two hands available. Sometimes it's simply not enough.

    Please be patient.

    Stay dead.




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