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February 03rd 2003

chappi, one of our best friends, and his clan United Anti Christs released their new homepage:

Thanks for the link exchange, guys.

As for myself I'll post a new Halfquake Comic today. I got some new ideas for Personal Halfquake and I love winter.

Special thanks to meister_fredi, auriane, dr voodoo, niner and chappi for testing and their time and patience with me and my freakin ideas. That was in no particular order. Everyone is on the same level. Just wanted to mention that.

And of course thanks to all fans and visitors who still support and think about us.

Stay deaaaad.

January 30th 2003


Ok, sue me, break me, kill me for not publishing any halfquake comic this week. But I was very busy with Personal Halfquake and a creativity contest, to which I'm going to send our precious Halfquake and Halfquake Amen.

Anyway, expect new Halfquake Comics next week! And I'm very sorry for the inconvenience with Don't know what was wrong, but now it seems to work again!

I added Personal Halfquake to the projects section. Click on it and you'll see a little screenshot from the startscreen.

Thanks to voodoo, chappi and especially meister_fredi for the hardcore testing session today!

Alright dudes, hope you're still with us!

Stay the hell dead.

January 27th 2003

I'm sorry but I'm not posting a new halfquake amen comic today.. I'm in a bad mood and everything I touch gets broken.

So I better go to bed and leave chaos behind my back.

The mother is dead. So is the embryo.
The world is a mess. So am I.

January 22nd 2003

Yet another news post at darrns project site. Go and read.

Banungadawa made some funny stuff: click here

Maybe I'll add Personal Halfquake to the projects site.

Status of Personal Halfquake: about 35%. is down at the moment for some reason I don't know yet. Sorry for this inconvenience.

Stay dead.

January 20th 2003

Today I'm not at home. That means that no new halfquake comic will be available. But the good news is that I'm able to work on Personal Halfquake.

So stay dead.




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