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February 01st 2009

LupusRex, also known as Werewolf who's responsible for this image, has composed an awesome version of Ambience. You can get it here.

The following tracks have also been added to the downloads section:

- Kowi - Gothazod
- Kowi - Hey Mr. Super-Victim (remixed by TaskBeenden)
- Mox Diamond - Victim Remix
- Rich Douglas - First Trap
- Rich Douglas - Halfquake
- TheNameless - Surreal In Sanity (HQA Sounds Remix)
- TaskBeenden - Why You

And here are a few additional previously submitted images:

Dragon Eats Yo Brains (by Terrok)Yet Another Victim (by Terrok)Halfquake Amen (by Taskbeenden)Patience (by Taskbeenden)Cute Dragons (by Chewbacca)

January 30th 2009

The EXP Manager has been updated.

First of all, you can join multiple bands now. This should remove the necessity of creating a new user for each band. If you have several accounts for different bands, you can send me a list of your usernames (through email or PHQ message) and I will merge your EXP accounts into one (with multiple bands).

Also, it's possible - and recommended - to link your EXP account with your PHQ account. This enables a lot of new options, such as being notified whenever something's added to your projects, or being automatically logged in when a PHQ session is active.

And from now on you can only create an EXP account with an existing PHQ account.

Another one or two additional new features will be released in the next few days.

If you have any suggestions - now's the time!

January 16th 2009

January 12th 2009

December 31st 2008




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