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August 24th 2010

If you ever wanted to read Antaran's Journal in Polish, now you can! Thanks to blattdorf for the translation.

Steltie and Actine have been blessed with awesome friends and received very special gifts for their respective birthdays. Check out their new possessions below.

Steltie's Area of Random Explosions (by Kiddikai and Alfafish)Actine's Opened Sunrise BoxActine's Opened Sunrise Box
Actine's HammerSteltie's Free Cookies Box (by Kiddikai and Alfafish)Actine's No Free Cookies BoxActine's Sunrise Box

Also, here's your last reminder that the contest ends on September 1st 2010. Remember, every participant will receive a little surprise. Yes, even for a simple Halfquake screenshot with a silly doodle painted across it. Although in that case, the little surprise might explode in your face when opened. You've been warned!

July 18th 2010

Personal Halfquake has been updated, despite the fact that the heat is slowly burning away my skin!

Also, Halfquake Sunrise was picked as the ModDB Staff Selection of June 2010!

In case you're wondering - I've got a few projects planned right now and I'll talk about them some more when they're actually in development. Let's just say that my head is full of ideas and some of those had to be held back during the development of Halfquake Sunrise. Now they can finally come out and flourish!

June 22nd 2010


I hereby announce a new contest! Simply create anything related to Halfquake (i. e. a wallpaper, a flash mini-game, a PHQ skin, some music, a video, a map, etc.) and send it to me. The winner will receive a package loaded with:
Everybody else will also receive a PHQ badge and a letter containing a little surprise. The deadline for this contest is September 1st 2010!

In related news, the Place Where You Can Buy Things has been updated with new (and old) items, including the prestigious Dead Pixel Pet! The Halfquake DVD (which you get for free for a certain amount of money spent) has been updated with new Halfquake Sunrise behind-the-scenes stuff (including mapping videos) and also delivers the loading song in full MP3 glory.

Speaking of Halfquake Sunrise, here are a few reviews and opinions:
And finally, you are about to be hit by a huge media and links information-overflow-storm.
Actine's CheeseActine's ClarityActine's Hung

And finally, I proudly present: Gothazod, hand-crafted by auri.
auri's Gothazod
Gothazod dares you to find all secrets in Halfquake Sunrise (now at version 1.1, which fixes a few minor issues).

June 01st 2010

The time has come! Halfquake Sunrise is complete.

You can download it here, along with the soundtrack. Thanks to Stixsmaster, Kiddikai, kowi and h4ndy for mirroring the files!

Make sure you help unlock new traps. If one is successfully unlocked, you get XP and a PHQ badge - and the trap is available for everybody to buy and craft.

This has been quite a ride, but it's finally finished. Thanks to all of you who have shown me support throughout all these years. I sincerely hope you're going to enjoy Halfquake Sunrise.

Also, apologies to Kowi, Hagbard_Celine, Michael, Terro, Pinkerator and Chen, who have submitted sounds/music for HQS that I wasn't able to fit into the game.

And now: Have a nice death!

March 16th 2010

Here's an awesome Halfquake Amen Remix by Keygen, who also did the piano medley a while ago.

And more images! Keygen put most HQA Comic characters on a giant evil smiley, and Actine crafted a Sadism Box for his friend's birthday and took pictures of it.
Keygen's HQA FamilyActine's Sadism Box IActine's Sadism Box IIActine's Sadism Box III

And finally - after working on it for about a year the band "Ich und Meyer" released their first album, powered by the EXP manager. It includes 19 tracks and artwork for each song.





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