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August 16th 2006

We're back!

To celebrate this I've done absolutely nothing.

Oh well.

August 15th 2006

After three days of hard work I'm finally able to present the redesigned portal!

Honestly though, I'm fighting my way through a few emails to get my domain back. I hope to solve this issue in a very short time or I'll get very angry.

So long!

July 07th 2006

I just got this link sent via email. It's a very nice short 10-minute-stop-motion-movie. Very similar to Halfquake Amen, so if you liked HQA, you'll love this movie!

By the way, Pay the author of this movie a visit, if you want.

June 12th 2006

Responding to previous email ...


"The satiric nature of these works may be lost on the public at large, and there have been instances where the author or producers of a satirical work have been harshly criticized as a result."

-> Stick Figure Tutorial Part II





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