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April 04th 2017

My cats chose three winners of physical copies of my book Walter's Deal. See it for yourself.

Thanks to H4ndy, thirdmadman, EMoney624, Franz, KeinEm, Andrew Nightroad, Kai, Actine, Austin, Mathias and Szaladin for participating!

April 01st 2017

I've written a new short story and called it "Larry Contemporary". You can read it by checking out this here PDF file.

March 21st 2017

Due to a very special occasion (ALMOST winning a book prize), I'm giving away three physical copies of Walter's Deal.

You can join the fun right below this news post by writing a comment until March 28th.

More details here.

February 28th 2017

Alex Clay put up a speedrun of Halfquake Sunrise, I think he found some nifty tricks!

Andrew Hawk a.k.a. Varik drew Somos' eye from Halfquake Amen:

And finally, Szaladin has opened a website for Halfquake Under Construction, which, if you don't remember, is a sidescroller inspired by the HQA comics.

Me? Oh, I'm just, you know, still playing the piano, maybe a bit too much. :D

February 03rd 2017

Djigallag released an early version of his game Phapabel Entertainment. Check it out! It's 63,3% complete and has 12 chapters to play. I've taken some screenshots:

DmitriyTheFox released his (unfinished) Postal 2 mod Messiah. You need Postal 2 to run it, obviously. More info in the readme file inside the zip folder. Here's what you can expect:

Special shout out to DrRhubarb. He's made lots of ambient tracks, including a a main theme for an unfinished Cry of Fear mod.

Last, but not least, say hi to Alex Clay, a fellow gamedev! Why not follow him and give him some motivation to continue doing what he loves to do. (:

As for yours truly, I've continued practicing my new piano tracks:

More to come in the future (:




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