May 18th 2007

Almost a year has passed since the latest entry. I am now quite refreshed in my mind. My plan is to return to IAD in the future, perhaps after Halfquake Sunrise is finished. But if I do so, I'll have to reconsider what IAD is meant to be.

- Exploration: Three main towns, three side "towns" and the "roads" that connect each other. A lot of NPCs to talk to and a little story to discover. Exploration is a huge point in IAD and should be one of the many gameplay mechanics available.

- Housing: Everybody should be able to aquire all tiles that are available in the "main" world. Tiles can be bought in various shops throughout the world, or from other users (maybe even through an auction house system). Players can create NPCs and their dialogues. In conjunction with the IAD Sound Designer, players can even create their own music and sell their songs to others.

- PvP and PvE: The arena is the meeting place for all who want to fight against each other. It should be based upon Heal The Dragon slightly, so building defense towers, walls, and other buildings would be a necessity. On the "roads", or in other words, outside the cities, it is also possible to fight against others or against creatures.

- Mini-Quests: The picture quest should return again, maybe in the arena, maybe in a different form. You could also make a single player puzzle out of it, and see how fast one can find all pictures. I'd also like to add other little puzzles that can be played to get more GBT.

The main issue I have is the PvP aspect because I know that there will be a lot of balance issues and complaints, that's why I thought I'd drop that aspect completely until I come up with something simple, like Draversi for PHQ.

Maybe I should remove everything and start with the exploration, and build up from there. I expect this game to take up about two years of my life, so I'm still thinking about if it's worth it or not. Then again, I've already invested so much time into this. It's probably a good idea to not let that invested time be in vain.