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Face God Face God Download | Play Get out
Spread out
Get in position
Fill your pockets and bags
with ammunition

Two left, three right
The rest will follow me
We're gonna win this fight
With full power and might

Stay low
They are in range now
Take care
There could be traps everywhere

Stay alert
Consider being ambushed
Move forward and hide
Surprise may still be on our side

At long last
I can see them clearly
Draw your weapons fast
Don't you dare shoot too early

Hold still
Disappear behind the trees
People, tell me now
What do you see?

All clear,
They're not trying to get near
Let's wait until the time is right

Lay down,
Listen hard to my command
When we are inside
Gather and stay by my side

Be fast,
Get the thing and turn back
Hold on,
get ready to attack

Run and shoot them down
Erase the guards, get inside
Down the stairs, down the hall

Reload, watch out
One man down, two men down
Focus on the mission, guys
Dying ain't what that implies

Stay close to me,
We are almost there
Just around the corner
In the final lair

And here it lies
Reflected in our eyes

Did you hear that noise
They shut us in
We don't have a choice
Let's commit one last sin

Protect our light
We can still succeed
Surrounded or not
We are the strongest breed

Punish them, slaughter them
Don't hold back, make them pay
Don't die on me, look at me
You promised me, stop acting cowardly

I am not supposed to be caught
My fate was to become your god
Taking The Order Taking The Order Download | Play Just turn around and take look for yourself
There is no one around, and nothing to see
The voices seem to be right inside your head
Convincing, persuading, telepathy

Just when the moon turns red
You will sit by our bed
And we will mark your head
To make your heart feel sad

When we release you then
With powers inhuman
Keep an eye up on the sky
For we will shoot the signal high

Should you tend to deny
Just let us clarify
That this is not a choice
You must obey our voice

Stop it, shut up, just get out of my head
Your commanding voice is driving me mad
Let's make a deal, I'll give you somebody else
I am sure that there are better servants

Remember what we said
The moon will soon turn red
There is doubt in your head
This makes us feel just sad

We still release you then
With powers inhuman
Despite your lack of trust
We're doing what we must

Should you still do defy
Just let us clarify
That this is not a choice
You must obey our voice

Wait a minute this is going nowhere
This is just a trick
Inhuman and disgusting
Where will I be when it ends
And will they even set me free
And what will happen to my body
When they have no need for me - anymore

I see just one solution
Just give me my promotion
I am at your disposal
Waiting for the red signal

Just when the moon turns red
Feeling powers undead
Watching my hands aglow
Holding them against my head

To set me free
In His Name In His Name Download | Play Just a few weeks ago
On a beautiful day
The sun found its way
And warmed my face ray by ray

I had been cleaning my soul
Back in the church of god
I stepped outside only to find
Something rather odd

Cause there she was
Standing on the bridge
An angel, so it seemed
The girl of my dreams

Looking in my direction
Must be imagination
I can't remember anymore
This hasn't happened before

After all of my sins
And spending so much time to cleanse
I had been given a chance
Or absolution in advance

Now she's walking away
I have to find a way
To follow her sweet trail
I just cannot fail

I'm getting closer to her
She's fast, but she's not far away
I can smell her perfume
I hope I can hold her soon

I think she noticed me
She's gaining speed, getting away
Turning left, turning right
I won't give up without a fight

Pushing people to the side
I keep on following
The trail so soft, and so sweet
My heart is trembling

She's running faster now
Leaving her shoes behind
I can smell her fear
Thank you god for sending her here

Another jump, another turn
Over the fence, passing the kids
Why can't she just look at me
And embrace her destiny

Dead end, got her now
She's slowly turning around
Darkness was in her eyes
Before I knocked her down

Now that she was mine
I dragged her back inside
I glared at her shine
And kissed the blood away

Nobody shall steal her now
She is god's gift to me
She's one of my angels
And all still smile at me
Nothing But A Dream Nothing But A Dream Download | Play I still remember the day we've met
Seems like it was just yesterday
Your smile was like a flower
So sweet and full of joy

I'd never seen anyone like you
It's like all of my dreams came true
Your hands felt soft and young
Every moment with you felt so long

We finally grew attached to each other
I thought we both fit very well together
I prayed I could stay with you forever
It all wasn't meant to be, however

After a very short time
You turned away from me
So that I could not see
What you had prepared to do to me

I saw too late your hand held a knife
With a cold stare you stabbed me twice
Before I took the last breath of my life
I saw through all of your filthy lies

Now I've been in here for years
It all feels dark and cold
I can't see my own hand before my eyes
I feel I'm old

I still can't believe what you have done
I wish I could see what drives you on
Then again, I'm now a part of you
Wasn't that one of my wishes too?

Maybe you misunderstood my mind
In that case, you are most too kind
But now I'm somewhat left behind
And the darkness has made me blind

I'm stuck in your mind
I'm nothing but a dream to you

Please give me a sign
I'm nothing but a dream to you

Hear me complain, I want to resign
I'm nothing but a nightmare to you
Thought Machine Thought Machine Download | Play Afraid Of Fear Afraid Of Fear Download | Play Listen to every word I tell you
I need you to understand
I smile, I cheer, I'm calm and careful
I always offer a helping hand

You know the gist of me now
And yet I have a secret to reveal

I get consumed by the dark
I feel the teeth of the shark
I hear feet following me
Spiders crawl on my knee

Bright light keeps me asleep
Faces rest before mine
Blurred figures in the door
Still wanting more

Sometimes I wish I could go outside
Sometimes I wish I wouldn't have to hide

I see doubt in your eyes
You think I'm telling lies
Like I'm just kidding around
Trampling on thin ground

Why is it so hard to believe
That my mind is full of grief
That what I say is the truth
I just try to find relief

Hands holding my head
Passengers on empty seats
Stars calling me outside
With blood on my hands

Heartbeat out of control
Voices in empty places
Eyes watching every move
Pain without a wound

No, I don't need your help
No, you can't see what I see
You don't want to
You don't want to

I just wish that
whenever you are not here
For once not being
Afraid of fear
Three Kings Three Kings Download | Play We march
We reign
We seek
We gain

We desire
We summon
Your demon

We take control
Of your soul
And we assure
There is no cure

Cover your ears
Run off and hide
You don't have a choice
When we decide

Time to breathe
While you still can
Before we leave
We'll finish our plan

We march aloud
We reign the land
We seek you out
We gain talent

We desire youth
Hellfire in mind
We summon the truth
Your demon shall find

Against control
Of your very soul
We are quite sure
There is no cure

We fire you up
We take you down
Believe and see
The final three
Shadows Of The Night Shadows Of The Night Download | Play Hey now, what's the commotion about
It's unnecessary for you all to shout
Calm down, step aside, let me through
A message from the king? Can it be true?

Dear people of the woods
I write to you about the stolen goods
I know your position
Let me explain my proposition

I request your help in town
At war my men are going down
I offer a truce
Please inform me what you choose

I can't believe what I'm reading
I won't sacrifice the men I'm leading
Surely, the king must be desperate
To bow down to a kingdom rat

Still, a truce might be worth the pain
If it burns and breaks our chain
Men, prepare for the final fight
We will advance in the shadows of the night

The target stronghold lies east of town
Their soldiers are patrolling all around
We will infiltrate without a sound
And leave the corpses for the king to be found

We're inside, let's get to it
Wait, there are some torches lit
Quickly now, hide in the dark
I see a crowd right through the arch

Soldiers, everywhere
Approaching us, most unfair
Marching along with a grin
The honorable lord and king
The Curse The Curse Download | Play She arrived ten days ago
They dragged her down the hall
I thought what such an angel
Could have done to fall

My eyes were forced to look at her
I lost myself in her long hair
Her graceful hands stroking the air
She was so distant, it felt unfair

I could not sleep without her light
It didn't matter how hard I tried
She's in my head all day and night
My mind told me this was not right

I'd never felt like this before
I couldn't stand it anymore

I am still seeing her
My body wants closer
My stomache hurts
I've got to break this curse

I march towards her cell
My hands bang hard against the door
I ask her why, I shout at her
She looks at me, she doesn't care

I tell her to stop the curse at once
Before it goes on for days and months

And her lips just form a smile
We keep on standing for a while

Face to face, and eye in eye
Entangled by her tempting lie
I feel her reaching for my soul
Making me feel so strangely whole

The day has come
Slowly she's walking
Her final way

They push her down the hall
Strap her on the chair
Why is it so hard at all
To watch her in despair

Our eyes meet again
She's trying to speak
Now I understand
But it is too late

Her skin soon catches fire
And her eyes turn bloody red
They shock her once again just
To make sure that she is dead
Perfect Confession Perfect Confession Download | Play You know,
I'm a very good person
I love myself the most
I give everybody a reason
To smile... and such

You see,
I may not be the best friend
I might seem bad in the end
But if you're of use to me
Fortune is what you will get to see

No, I'm not abusing you
In fact, I claim the opposite
You can do whatever you want
Until I'm sick of it

I have received the gift
Of divine insight
I'm sure I know you better
Than what you think is right

In the most perfect world
You are my servants
I am the leader,
Your mighty excellence

You know,
There is no doubt
I am the best
Much better than the rest
Now and forever

Everything I touch
Turns into gold
And if I'm out of gold
I'll just take it from the old

I've learned my lesson
If life ain't worth living
There's still one thing to try
Just suck other's lives dry

I know your weak spots
I'll turn you against yourself
I'll make you cheer for me
Yes, that's what I'd like to see

I'm god and you are nothing
Bow down and kiss my feet
I'll kick you in your face
Just when I feel like it

Now that you know my true self
I hope you understand
I'm the most generous person
Our god could ever send
The Causation The Causation Download | Play Take me to the place
Where the darkness is
Where my pain in vain
Starts to fade away

Where my anger grows
Against those walls
Where the darkness
Is listening to me

Take me to the place
Where the sun is red
Take me to the place
Where the moon is green
Take me to the place
Where the sky is blue
Take me to the place
Where I can't see you

Take me to the place
Drowning in the mist
Where the darkness says
To feed them from my wrists

Where the unusual
Is simply ordinary
Where every single mirror
Is scarred and blurry

If that place exists
You will find me there
I know that you don't care
Since you never did

I have wasted thoughts
Given up my life
Lost a century
All for your pride

Then you turned your back on me
Put my world in misery
Burnt down every single tree
Threw the ash into the sea

Take me away now
Why have I deserved this punishment
Where have I fallen off the path
Why am I in the devil's hand

I can take the truth
I like the bitter taste of it
I hope its poison is enough
To make me finally forget

I stand with open arms
The wind sends me away
I descend out of your sight
Into the light

(Written by TaskBeenden and Muddasheep)
Craving Craving Download | Play This This Download | Play I wake up in the morning
and I see your sleeping face
I watch your body breathe
and I get out of bed

Papers and red flowers
Scattered and torn apart
Our black dog greets me eagerly
I pat its head

As I rest on the couch
Someone knocks at the door
I hesitate and glance at my watch
I hear them knocking some more

I'm approaching the door
A violent force breaks it in
Before I can show a reaction
A bat gets swung at my head

I wake up in the evening
and I see an empty pillow
I crawl out of bed

I hold my head in pain
My feet step into blood
Poor dog was slain

Now what do I do
I've gotta get rid of the dog
Then I'll finally visit the sea
It just never was supposed to happen
like this
Destiny Destiny Download | Play Whenever You Dream Whenever You Dream Download | Play Shhhhhh
Don't be alarmed by my black wings
I won't cause any pain
Let me explain

We've come from a faraway land
Too far away for you to understand
We are told to guard your race
Without leaving the slightest trace

We should never talk to you directly
A rule from above we follow strictly
Now that your lives are at stake
It's a rule we have to break

The truth is
Despite all our efforts
You remain our only hope
It's too ironic for us to cope

We can't provide you with protection
It's causing us deep frustration
You will just have to trust me
And believe everything I say

Whenever you dream
We shield you from the dark
We look through your mind
Collect your memories

You wake up
Your mind feels reborn
You write down your dreams
Confused what they mean

If you stay awake
and stop dreaming
Darkness will prevail
and win control
Taking you as a whole

You need to sleep
Trust me
Just sleep
Tattered Existence Tattered Existence Download | Play I watch you dream
I watch you sleep
I wait until you
Get out of bed

I follow close
Watch you get dressed
You go downstairs
And eat breakfast

I'm keeping up
You take the train
To go to work
Be part of the chain

I stay behind you
All the time
I hope adoring you
Is not a crime

I still remember
What your skin feels like
I'll never leave you
Not without a fight

The evening comes
You leave your desk
I'm close after you
Not taking a risk

Back in the train
Standing next to you
You lean your head
Against the window

The street lights glimmer
Passing by like stars
I try to remember
A memory I don't want to lose

We used to dance
Into the night
We were two angels
And quite a sight

Men burned with envy
When I held your hands
We were complete
Until we lost our chance

Finally at home
You take a shower
You read in your room
Until midnight hour

Suddenly you stand up and turn around
It looks like you are facing me
I smile at you
Yet you stare right through me

Stare at me
Take a close look at me
I'm standing right in front of you
Stranger Stranger Download | Play I was sent to war eight years ago
It seems so short a time when I think of it now
Guess who's coming home

Just a few more miles to walk ahead of me
My backpack's getting heavy, my feet drag wearily
But I'm feeling free

All the nights of waiting and silently praying
All the nightmares that I've been enduring
I have survived
Because of the thought
Of returning home
To my wife and son
With her in my arms
Instead of cold guns
Not being alone
Not sleeping on stone
Seeing them smile
For a while

Finally I'm entering the town
Most people and buildings look new to me
But there's a familiar smell

I'm walking through the streets and greet the people
Gotta make myself known now that I'm back here
But no one even looks at me

My house doesn't seem to have changed all this time
I knock gently on the door and ring the chime
My wife welcomes me
She looks me up and down
Her forehead in a frown
She asks who I am
I tell her my name
She looks far away
Her gaze going astray
Shaking her head
She says, "That person is dead"

She apologizes and shuts the door in front of me
I tell myself to not give up so easily
Tomorrow is another day

I search for a hotel and rent a room for one night
I throw my backpack on the bed and turn on the light
I feel like taking a shower

In the bathroom I see my reflection in the mirror
I blink and touch my face in terror
Good Bye Good Bye Download | Play I am decayed and I'm alone
I am rotten to my core
I will be punished for
the lack of skill I've shown

I am so tired of the hate
And I can't take it anymore
Please push the weight off shore
We must hope that it's not too late

Please strike me with deadly thorns
Eradicate the madness in my head
Fulfill me this last wish, do what I've said
Don't worry, my sanity has long been gone

Oh can't you see,
Don't try to ease the pain
It's all in vain
Give up and follow me

I hear the angels singing
Songs which are cursing me
I am not supposed to be
I'm gone and they are laughing

I just lay down and cry
All that is, gets washed away
And all that's left to say
Is good bye

(Written by TheNameless)
Battle Against My Thoughts Battle Against My Thoughts Download | Play It's been quite a ride
Since the turn of the tide
I'll slow down and hide
Before I decide

I've been waiting for you so long
Feelings of revenge have kept me strong
Every warm trace of life is gone
Finally you appear on the horizon

Your life is resting in my hands
I'll shelter it until it ends
I smile at your red third eye
Maybe I should just give it a try
Taskless Sheep - Meadow Mayhem
Taskless Sheep. Made of pure awesomeness.

Actually, there are three people behind Taskless Sheep: TaskBeenden, TheNameless and Muddasheep.

We started making music together through emails back in 2005, which resulted in three songs called Bleeding Angels, You Cannot Tell Us What To Do and Trick and Treat.

Shortly thereafter, we began creating more music, organized by using the self-made EXP manager, instead of painstakingly sending emails. At the end of 2008 we reached our goal of 20 tracks, prepared all kinds of images and released 19 of those songs under the name Meadow Mayhem.

Release date: April 23rd 2009



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