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Here's a list of frequently asked questions.
victim What's Halfquake?!
Halfquake is an institute, where people get punished and tortured to death. It's also a game you can download.
victim What does this LOADING mean all the time?!
The victim, our main character, carries two keys: the quicksave key and the quickload key. If you played Halfquake Amen you should know them. The victim is able to save and reload at any time. So that's why it says "LOADING" from time to time.
victim Is this comic a daily one?
Well, almost daily. It'll be updated from Monday to Thursday. I don't draw on weekends.
victim Who's working on this comic?
Me, myself and muddasheep. Oh, and sometimes I ask blackjack, sven, chappi, auriane, nine or any other friends for feedback and thoughts.
victim Where can I get a Halfquake Amen tshirt?
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