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These are the most common characters appearing in our almost daily comic.
victim The Victim, our main character. He always tries to get through the exit, but never succeeds. He has the power of his quicksave/quickload keys, so he's quite invincible. Because of his situation he became very depressive and misses his everyday-life and family.
victim Bonedude is the best friend of the victim. His soul got caught in his bones where he's waiting for his release. He doesn't really speak, he just uses everyone's mind to communicate.
victim The dragon always insists on being a real dragon. He's friendly, stubborn and sometimes really annoying. And he can escape through the exit.
victim Dragan is dragon's girlfriend. She really loves her darling and wants to have a lot of kids.
victim The Super Victim is strong, cool and can handle everything. He got stuck in Halfquake a long time ago and tries to forget his past by wearing mask, cape and a cap.
jean-luc picard Jean-Luc Picard loves to play his guitar which just doesn't sound quite .. correct. Nobody knows who Jean-Luc really is. But one for sure: It's not his real name ...
victim The VIP (Victim of Incredible Pain) always dies in an extremly sadistic way.

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