September 25th 2007

I've added a bunch of new images, including the following:

by James WintersetKiddiKai's Sandism IKiddiKai's Sandism IIKowi's Portal of HellKowi's Rest in Peace
Reboot's EffectsFlo's Sadism CatTheNameless' and TaskBeenden's Halfcake RamenTheNameless' and TaskBeenden's Halfcake BunriceHalfquake Sunrise Wallpaper

Antaran's Journal can be purchased at cafepress now. I initially wanted to order it in large quantities to reduce the price and then send each book personally, but there would have been twice the amount of shipping costs, so it was kind of redundant to do the extra work. However, if you don't have a credit card you can still send me an email and order a copy of the book. The price for this book will be calculated individually, depending on where you live, naturally.

The price of Antaran's Journal on cafepress is $12.50 (€8,87). I've said in previous news that I won't add anything to the base price because there have been people "accusing" me of trying to make money, but on the other hand I've been told I'd be stupid if I won't try to make money off the things I create. So, as a compromise that will hopefully satisfy both parties and the ones who actually buy the book, I've added $1 to the base price in hope to at least get back half of what I paid for the two books I had to order to test cafepress's book creation functionality. Or you can see it as investment for the new book I'm writing on which will also need a few test orders when it's completed.