September 17th 2007

Antaran's Journal is ready. I'm going to create a shop as quickly as possible. The final price will be announced when the shop's set up.

I'm currently working on my projects on a week-by-week basis. In case you remember last year, I've tried to work on a different project every day which made me somehow lose my focus after a while. Now when I have one week for one project I'm able to clear my head from everything else and be a lot more productive.

Last week was a writing week and I've tried something new (to me, at least). One of my cousins is a passionate writer as well, and I asked her if she wants to try to sit down together and continue forging our worlds next to each other. So I visited her for three hours and it worked wonderfully. The motivation flow was amazing and we managed to write through most of the time. I would have stayed longer, but I had other urgent things to look after. The following time I've been thinking about what would happen if somebody blew this idea up in a grand scale, make writing events, two hundred people, three days, writing their own stories. Like a LAN-Party, only it would be completely silent, no tournaments, no games, just writing and motivating each other.

Although I've talked to other people who are writing as well, and they told me they needed to be alone for writing. Alone in the dark room, accompanied only by music or silence. So I guess this sort of thing wouldn't be for everybody. In fact, I thought I needed to be alone as well, but it worked, and my cousin and I are going to meet again in two weeks to continue writing.

I keep saying that you can't force yourself to be creative. Following that theory our writer-meeting couldn't have worked out. But I guess it did because my cousin and I already had the general idea of our stories in our heads. So, we simply needed to follow the path and imagine the surroundings on the way, which was just a bit of improvising.

On a completely different note, around me computers and other electronic gadgets keep on dying. Maybe it's my aura, or maybe somebody pressed a button which sends out a signal to all electronic devices to start malfunctioning to get the economy going again. I don't know what it is, but I know for sure the economy is going to be happy with me.

I'm about to update the stuff section a bit, so if you have any fan made images, be sure to send them to me.