October 19th 2008

I finished Zelda Twilight Princess the other day (after a one year pause) and thought it was wonderful. The music tended to be a bit annoying sometimes, but the visuals - despite not being HD - were rather inspiring, especially the Twilight Realm. The puzzles were cleverly constructed enough to not require constant aid from online guides. And one cannot see Midna and not adore her.

Still, the Wii is leaving a bitter aftertaste. Since its launch in 2006 I've only bought four games: Red Steel, Zelda, Zack and Wiki (because I love point and click gameplay) and Megaman 9. I don't bother getting any Mario games, because quite frankly I'm oversaturated and whenever I see another new Mario game on the market I just look the other way.

Maybe I'll give Resident Evil 4 and Metroid Prime Corruption a try. The Conduit looks like a game suited for me as well. Maybe 2009 will bring the long sought-after promised land. I'd want a good RPG for a change.

Thankfully, the Wii isn't my only source of food for my gaming needs. I've played Bioshock and Secret Files 2 (if you liked Tunguska, go ahead and play the second part) on the PC, and I'm 35 hours in on Final Fantasy 12 on the PS2. I might check out Fallout 3, but I'm not so sure. Oblivion was kind of pointless without the - oh so obvious - co-op mode and judging from the videos of Fallout I'm getting the same kind of feeling here as well. Those games are just meant to be played with a friend (or two or three), not just alone. But that's probably just me.

Besides gaming, I've invested some time watching the fifth and final season of The Wire. I've spoken about this series before. The Wire is a beast. One must watch the first few episodes - probably even the first two seasons - to find appreciation. Patience is the key.

Speaking of patience.

Halfquake Sunrise is finished on paper, carefully planned until the very end. Now all that's left to do is building the rest of the maps (75% of the basic layout is done so far), creating the soundtrack, and recording dialogues and various sounds.

As for Taskless Sheep, we're very close to being finished with our first album. It will take another two to three months until the CD is produced.

That is all for now.