October 13th 2004

Sorry for not posting any comics recently. I've been rather busy and absent lately (music for HQS, watching anime, playing Final Fantasy 11). Also, I didn't really have any real ideas for the comic. Though today I've planned the next 30 comics and I'll begin to update on a regular schedule tomorrow.

Sorry again to the 20 people who care about it. ^^

Speaking of HQS, I've had a creativity flash a few days ago which boosted my motivation and idea inventory by 300%. I now know exactly what to do. I should be starting with it soon. The soundtrack for HQS is also doing very well.

As for the I'm A Dragon game (PHQ related), I'm still figuring out the basic game code, trying to improve it here and there and adding new content. It'll take a while until it's completed. But I can't wait to play it with you all!

Have a nice day and stay dead.