November 20th 2003

Finally I'll get a new PC on Monday. With a few private problems, but I'll get it.

Chances are good that soon I'll start working on a new project. I've accomplished a lot in the past few weeks so that my mind is getting ready for new things. I've finished "Critical Beauty", I've implemented a new experience system to PHQ, I've added a deathmatch mode to Heal The Dragon (which is quite lame, I must admit) and I've finished the Halfquake Amen Comics on the paper. I won't make the Untopia page for a few reasons and I guess the common enemy in PHQ is just too complex to do it now. I need my strength in other areas. Like the new project I was talking about.

I won't say what the new project is since I still don't know when it will start or how it will be called or if I really, really, really wanna do it. A lot of questions still need to be answered.

But by the time my idea has become concrete this will be the place where you read it first.

Fact is: The colder the weather the more I'm productive. It's cold, dark and foggy outside and the trees look scary and dead. I love autumn and winter. All that's left now is art. A new world. A new look.

Stay dead.