May 28th 2007

This week I will create another five HQA Comics, starting today. There should be around fifteen ahead before the comic ends.

I've finished watching Lost Season 3 and afterwards I've read a review about the final episodes on IGN. I really don't know what the purpose of that review is. Normally a review should tell the reader if it's worth watching or not, and not spoil the whole thing for you. They even say who dies and how it ends. I'm glad I didn't read it before I saw the show myself. Anyway, I enjoyed all seasons of Lost so far, the third not being an exception, and I can recommend it if you're into mystical stuff and don't need a realistic explanation for everything (because frankly, nothing in Lost is realistic anymore). The only problem I have with Lost is that now I have to wait until sometime in 2008 to get to see the next season. X_x

I've heard that the writers of Lost are friends with the writers of the series called Heroes, so I had to check it out as well. The pilot episode wasn't really a killer entry, but the second episode really got me hooked. I'm already looking forward to the second season.