May 27th 2009

The collections of videos for Halfquake (~52 minutes) and Halfquake Amen (~149 minutes) are finally available for your viewing (dis)pleasure. Thanks again to Kowi who recorded most of it.

Unfortunately, the Patience part has been muted by YouTube due to copyright issues. Just remember to simply play the following three songs continuously in the background while viewing Patience:

* Nine Inch Nails - Leaving Hope
* Sepultura - T3rcermillennium
* Space Raiders - Beautiful Crazy

If that is not enough of a reliving experience for you, try Amayirot Akago's Screencappery. In case you're wondering about the loading screen messages - those come with the Halfquake Amen Ultimate Package, which contains HQA (obviously), Steam support and The Present.

And to top it all off, Tierro provided us with a remix of the HQA theme.