May 23rd 2007

Another part of HQA Comics is available.

I have two new ideas which I'm very obsessed with lately. The first is a writing project that should bring one new short story every week, and maybe span over 50 parts or so. It would be a completely new universe, based on our current age, but with a strange twist.

The other project would be a flash game (not Moosy) that I've written about some entries ago. The flash game would be a mixture of top-down-racing and defend-the-castle-style-games. On paper it looks like this would be a lot of fun to create and play.

I want to start with HQS as soon as the HQA Comics are done (mid-june, with a lot of optimism), so I don't know whether those projects will ever see the light of the day. All I can do is take as many notes as possible and return to my idea treasure whenever I have time again.

I've made up my mind about why I'm doing all of this. I create because I'm having fun. I guess that's all there is to say. (: