March 01st 2007

Day 58 of Antaran's Journal has been revealed.

Muddasheep's Daydream - Part 2

How close can our scientists look? Molecules, atoms, quarks, gluons,... If you think about it we could basically take a closer look infinitely and probably would always find something. But what? And why is it holding us together? While you're standing there and waiting for the bus to arrive, is there any reason for the thing that holds us together to not just let go and call it a day? You sneeze and your body collapses like sand, like Imhotep in The Mummy. Gesundheit!

Why do we still need to eat anyway? Why can't we just take the sandwhich and press it against our belly and it quickly gets absorbed through the skin? Technically everything is made of the same basic entity that tells our little quarks and gluons and neutrons and protons what to do. Just like a giant screen consisting of thousands of pixels, and every pixel merely appears as a different color.

So, maybe you might want to pull yourself together, you could fall apart any minute. And I don't want to be the one discovering you afterwards.