June 16th 2008

I thought I'd break the silence around here and throw out some project status updates.

I'm participating in a book project, in which international people submit up to five short stories, including at least one artwork each. The deadline for those submissions is October 1st, and at the moment there are approximately ten writers in total. I've got two stories in development right now. The book will be available in physical form (obviously) and also as a PDF document for free.

The Taskless Sheep album is nearing completion with 13 tracks finished and more to come. I'm not sure if we can finish it before end of 2008 since we're all a bit short of time, but we're trying.

I'm a Dragon is actually in development (very early stage) with massive help from Steltie.

As for my new book, I've got everything planned out until the end and I just need more time to write everything. At the moment I've written about twenty percent of the whole story.

And Halfquake Sunrise has got about thirty traps right now.

Now for totally unrelated news:
- Mass Effect for PC is absolutely awesome.
- I'm currently enjoying a book called The Pillars of the Earth.
- The Wire is now one of my favorite TV series (it's also the highest rated series on IMDB - next to Planet Earth).