June 11th 2006

Checking emails ...

About your ludicrous stick figure website... Have you ever been to sfdt.com? How about stickpage.com? How about stickdeath.com? And don't forget sticksuicide.com! Those are all the places where all the people, including me, a REAL artist, post my storyboards for my more elaborate non-stick figure animations. It all starts with sticks, we transform those sticks into something real, but for what you said in that tutorial insults all "SFAMA"s as you call them, in the world. OH and you forgot to explain how drawing and stick figures, the most basic drawing, isn't about rules and restriction but imagination, draw ANYTHING in stick figures ANYWAY you want using YOUR OWN OR BORROWED techniques, not a deadlock of immature rules like you have there on your site. I adopted stick figure drawing when I was eleven when I first visited stickfiguredeaththeater.com (sfdt.com), I liked the sticks moving around and fighting, but I didn't recognize how to make or draw anything back then, I didn't even know I had remarkable drawing skills, inherited from my mother, but I did, and I started out with stick figures then moved on at a later age to drawing practical bodies fighting the same way as my sticks (using them as like a model to draw my bona fide ideas), and then to anime, and now I am a proud manga producer, all thx to sticks and how I taught myself how to make them, pretty easily, but in only a month I could draw better then most of the animated stick figures I saw.

Enough of how my story attests I know more then you, back to how you offended and distorted the world of stick figure art by your "tutorial" from hell.

1. "A Stick Figure Tutorial?! Yes. Even though you might think that drawing stick figures is something EVERYONE can do, there are certain guidelines which make stick figures look like "real" stick figures. This tutorial will teach you the basics of drawing the simplest and - at the same time - most difficult style in the world."

A Stick Figure Tutorial?! NO. The only people that need stick figure tutorials are the retards of this world. You should make a tutorial but maybe an add on to someone's current skills. Yes you can make a "Stick Figure Tutorial" But by god, this is more like something a dog threw up then ate again then puked up again. ANYONE and I repeat ANYONE can draw ANYTHING, just some people are better at it, recognize their skills faster, or just never distinguish their skills during their whole life, telling themselves they can't draw.

2: If you've never drawn ANYTHING yet, try to draw circles and lines before you read the rest of this tutorial. This is a huge step for most people, so sit down and take your time. Your lines and circles should look like this:

Like before, no need unless you are a retard, everyone can already draw sticks and circles, EVERONY. Hey you can write an "A" or an "I" and/or an "O", then you are in perfect condition to draw stick figures.

3: Also keep in mind that stick figures at this size have neither ears nor eyes. If you draw ears or eyes you break one of the basic rules of simple and yet difficult stick figure drawings: Not to draw ears or eyes at this small size. (Stick Figures are ALWAYS small.) Keep that in mind. You can however draw hair, a nose, a mouth and additional items which characterize a character (hats, eye patches, nose rings, etc.).

This is one of the more outrageous statements in this pile of crap you call a tutorial.

You can draw whatever the fuck you want, whenever the hell you want, on whatever the fuck you want. Stick figures are about the IMAGINATION, which you obviously don't have. Most people who can write a letter that includes the "O" letter in it can draw a circle! Break a rule... [Censored]! There is no rules for stick figure drawings, for drawing what you feel, there are no rules to the imagination, all of your "so called" rules are invalid and retarded, with your stupid rules there'd be no Da Vinci or Picasso, no artists at all would be famous like they are today without no rules.

4: Most people say: "Hey, what's the problem with drawing a simple line?" Well, I say: Try it and you'll notice! Most people draw either no noses at all or Pinocchio outgrowths.

And this is what it should look like:

Now you might say: "I can't see any difference." Of course, there is a difference, are you blind? The nose in the "real" picture looks more realistic than the picture shown above the "real" one. Note that you MUST NOT draw stick figures from front view. It is a strict rule. If you break it, you don't have the talent to draw stick figures. I'm sorry.

This is the MOST DISGRACEFUL AND LUDICROUS STATEMENT IN THE WHOLE TUTORIAL! Who in the mother[Censored] world do you think you are? You guys are obviously some over-amped 4th graders or something, must not draw stick figures >from front view??!!!

YOU GUYS ARE MORONS! Front view is the most prosperous view of all sticks, without it your sticks are just lines and circles, not a drawing, this "rule" isn't a rule, the imagination has no rules, as explained before. A nose... here is a real stick, stick figures don't need noses or ears, sticks should never have ears and everyone who's anyone knows that (that's why you guys don't know it). No ears and sometimes not a nose, never draw a nose from side view, it isn't a rule, it's a tradition.

5: The mouth is the most important instrument to create emotions on the faces of your stick figures. This is rather difficult, so pay close attention. The following picture shows how to draw mouths the wrong way:

Forbidden are lips, toungs and cheeks. Also, stick figures can't open their mouths. The head's closed. Forever. Here's an example of how to draw mouths correctly:

The above image shows the following emotions: Grinning, talking and stunned. Try to vary those mouth emotions a bit and soon you'll notice the huge repertory of stick figure emotions.

WRONG, the most important is the eyes, the gateway to the should, the way the eyes look or are represented by the stick figure is the way that the stick figure will be portrayed as feeling, no matter what he is doing, no matter what his mouth expression is, no matter nothing, the eyes are most important. Without an open mouth, the stick figure also has no feeling, no zing, no pizzazz. Your examples are atrocious and a sin against humanity. Tongues and Cheeks aren't forbidden, isiots, they are used in stick figures all the time.

6: This is really hard. I suggest you read it first, then read it a second time, then take your pencil and draw step by step.

First: Draw the head as described above. Make a nose (not too long, but still existent) and maybe a mouth, but let's not overdo it here. We've got other problems now.

After that draw a line, about as big as the head.

Now draw the same line in a 40° angle from the lower end of the previous line to the lower left.

Draw the same line to the lower right. Be careful! If you can't do it, try it again as often as necessary.

Now we're going to draw the left arm. We use a common pose with the hand on the hips.

Try to do the same with the right arm.

Congratulations! You just finished your first complete stick figure. I can do it way better than you, so I chose to add a hat to make it look more realistic.

I will say this again, who the fuck do you think you are? You draw as good as a 4 year old buddy. Anyone can draw a god damn hat! A stick figure?!!! BODY!!?? You my friend are a psychopath. If you can draw an "I" then you can draw a stick body. Be careful blab bla bla bodies are easy, the only problem I had when I was young was putting my story together, even with my gift that EVERYONE has a piece of, a gift that everyone shares (but I got a bigger piece of it), the figures weren't the problem.

7: Remember that stick figures should be kept simple. Drawing hair might irritate people who look at your stick figure art. But if you choose to complicate things, here you go:

In the picture above you see: Short hair, weird hair, long hair and very short hair.

Simple yes, but actually stick figures without some sort of hair really irritate people, the hair adds more umph to the project.

8: Apart from mouths, stick figures have another way to express their emotion: Poses! Right, stick figures have poses. It's actually a bit too complex for stick figure art, but sometimes you might need poses to explain a joke or something similar.

In the above picture you see: Happy, angry, thinking and insulting.

Complex my ass. You don't really know what you are talking about do you? Manga books don't say suck lies as this!

9: You'll need about 10 years until you can finally draw stick figures realistically. You'll need patience, motivation and the will to finish your stick figure lesson. Drawing stick figures is a life goal. Do it or forget it. Just remember: Only a few people really are Stick Figure Art Master Artists (SFAMA). And you can be one of them if you work hard.

Also, just in case you want to know: I'm not going to explain how to draw a hat. It took me 5 years to invent this hat, now go and invent it yourself.

Ten years??!! More like ten minutes. Stick figures aren't like real detailed super drawings like real anime and manga are, they are suppose to be storyboards and stages for your better drawings that have no rules. You should be ashamed to call yourselves SFAMAs or w/e you call them. Anyone and everyone can be a SFAMA, anyone, except you and your friends. Maybe you can be one of them is you work hard enough for the ten minutes to learn to draw them.

I insist you change everything on your site to properly inform the masses the correct way, or I could just make my own, either way if you need correct drawings you can email me for some to put up. It is an insult to the entire art world for you to have the website in the condition it is in now.

I found it by searching stick figures out on the internet and saw you link, decided hey, could have found some stuff that I didn't notice, but.... I was sadly mistaken.