June 03rd 2015

Back in the days of Personal Halfquake development, one active player continued to send me the most elaborate suggestions for the game. There were a handful of people who I could talk to about ideas, but not many like Khimitsu, who went into the smallest of details, showing me once and for all that random game design is simply not good!

For PHQ, I took lots of inspiration from the game Final Fantasy XI, in which basic progression was based purely on chance, such as weapon or crafting skill-ups. What I loved about random rewards was the thrill of finally getting them; what I hated was the disappointment and anger that built up from not being favored by luck. Honestly, it seemed like the perfect mix for a game based on Halfquake.

But Khimitsu (or Futeko, as he calls himself today) insisted: Random is ultimately a bad game design choice; there will always be one super unlucky player who will get nothing, and there will always be the incredibly lucky one who always gets everything at their first try. And to this day, I design games avoiding this very issue that Khim presented to me.

I learned to value Khim's input more and more over the years. But just recently, something he did flat out inspired me: He fulfilled one of his dreams and flew to South Africa to work as a volunteer in a Wild Animal Ranch to get up close to his favourite animals - cheetahs.

The approach to just do it reminded me that one should never give up. If you have a dream, make it happen, or at least try. Thanks to people like Khim I've got the courage and motivation to do so.

So once again, thank you, Khim.

Speaking of getting things done: After a family incident (I wrote about it on Patreon), I'm back on track with Walter's Deal and closing in on the finish line. I've got solid ideas for the book cover and the website is almost done as well.

Something also clicked in my head and I've had a very interesting idea for my first standalone game project. I'll be talking more about it soon.

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