July 05th 2004

Well, finally the exams are over. Three years have passed and my apprenticeship as something I didn't want is complete. I'll quit after the next two months and attend some lessons for programming and design. Then Father State wants me to help old people for 1 year (be prepared for some extra-depressive thoughts on that matter in June 2005).

Anyway, at the moment I'm glad that I've got a lot behind me. Now I keep my mind focused on "important things" like PHQ, HQA Comic and HQS. They aren't important for the world outside, but at least they keep me distracted. From what? Well, I guess from the really important things. I wonder how I'll end up one day.. *cough*beggar*cough*

WELL. All I actually wanted to say is that I'm back and things will be better again here in this dark corner.

Stay dead.â„¢