January 13th 2015

Thanks to Dmitriy for the sadistic christmas wishes.

Happy new year 2015 everyone!

If anyone is still on the fence about making a remix for Halfquake Sunrise - Trap in Progress (90 BPM), don't hesitate and send the results to me. I plan on remixing all remixes in February. I got new programs to experiment with, so don't you guys leave me hanging!

As for me personally, I've been on vacation for more than two weeks. I did get some writing done, and I finished playing through the game Danganronpa 2. There were some pretty Halfquake-ish scenes in there, which is probably why I enjoyed it a lot. And probably because it was similar to the games 999 and Virtue's Last Reward, both of which are two of my most favourite games.

I'm itching to make another game (now more than ever), but I simply have to finish my book first. Thankfully the December stress is behind me, so I should be able to write more often now.

Here's to a great year 2015, hope you're all having a good time.