January 05th 2003

Finally I reached Vienna. In two days I'll be back home and start my work on Personal Halfquake. Hope you all had a good time.

I just found this news entry at GamersChronicle.com:

When not spending exorbitant amounts of money at Best Buy, I'm playing games. That should be a familiar thing if you are visiting this site on purpose. An interesting mod has had my attention recently, HalfQuake: Amen. This is one twisted mod... It looks like Tron in black and white but plays like some kind of Alice in Wonderland meets Hellraiser. You start off as a human, being punished for being human, and trapped in some kind of warped dimension where light can't, or won't, exist. Nearly everything kills you...dead. You have to solve puzzle after puzzle and there's almost no meaning to anything. One of my favorite parts is right after the beginning where you fall down a hole and get the famous "Tetris" music from the old Game Boy version. Excellent choice of music for something so trivial. There's this one part called "Patience" which requires, exactly, 20 minutes of...patience. Just standing there, you know, being patient. You get this feeling of entrapment, confusion, and the desire to escape which just really pulls you into the game. The whole goal of the mod is punishment and they really drive the point home. However, I'm just enough of a sick bastard to find the experience beautifully bewildering. It's like a really cool nightmare! Definitely check it out if you get the chance and are looking for something...different.


Thanks to Deiru.

Oh and I found a new form entry about Halfquake Amen: click here