January 02nd 2012

2012, eh? Bring it on!

If you're in need of a time killer, read some answers I've given or listen to some random thoughts about Halfquake.

A few days ago I saw that, apparently, there's a new way to play Half-Life mods. Quite interesting! The Halfquake Trilogy is already fully compatible.

At around the same time, I've made a Halfquake Amen Comic archive for easy downloading and viewing.

And if anyone's curious about the Cry of Fear tracks I've made, here's one of them. The rest will be released when Cry of Fear is out on February 22nd.

Even more music is on the way! The Keratordash album contains 12 tracks and it's basically finished. Now I'm focusing my energy again on the next Taskless Sheep collection, which currently consists of about 16 songs (at various stages of development).

As for games, I've got two or three ideas that may come to fruition soon. We'll see!