February 27th 2006

Projects Update!

I finally kicked myself in my butt and decided to work on all projects simultaneously. Currently I have 7 projects, which means I will work on 1 project every day every week.

This also let's me work on older projects and generally let's me organize my mind much, much better. But anyway.

My current projects:

HQA Comics
I'm starting to get towards the end. With the new working schedule I should be able to create more than just one comic on the day I work on them. So let's say I work on those comics on wednesday and make three comics, you'd get new comics wednesday, thursday and friday. I will also have enough time and motivation to plan everything ahead, read the comic again and hopefully end it sometime this year... Or will there be an ending actually?

Personal Halfquake
Currently I'm almost 100% busy with balancing the two player classes. I also have yet another two or three new features that I would like to add sooner or later. Basically on the day that I will reserve exclusively for PHQ I plan to balance even more, fix minor bugs here and there, and generally try to improve userbility. PHQ is a never-ending story, unless I stop updating, of course.

Halfquake Sunrise
Yes, I will not only work on the soundtrack, but on the actual game! No release date can be given yet, as you surely have predicted. But you can surely expect new screenshots in the upcoming weeks.

Antaran's Journal
This little experiment really grew on me. I love where this is going and I have everything planned until the end. I expect the journal to end with about 80-100 entries, but I can't say for sure yet. I can even imagine a second part, but that's for sometime later to decide. The new working schedule will let me write more than just one entry at once, or at least let me write longer entries and make less plot hole mistakes as I have enough "time" to read previous entries before writing a new one.

Princess Anblis
I don't know if anyone remembers, but this was my first attempt at writing a book - in german. It hasn't gotten very far, but I still think about it at least once a day, so something tells me that this is not dead yet. All the ideas I had when I started it more than two years ago are still as clear in my head as ever. Now don't say this project is a waste of time. It will help me do something "different", and get my head into other directions before I go back to the other projects again, getting new ideas more easily. Besides, as I said, it's really bugging me to have all those ideas that are always telling me to write them down finally. So, I will do that and get more room for other projects.

Phabetal II
I had a sudden flash of ideas about two days ago and I will try to make yet another Phabetal. It will differ a lot from the original Phabetal. I have a bunch of new ideas, including an actual storyline and of course - a lot of typing action. What I love about Phabetal II is the Flash environment. It's fairly easy to create and I have fun playing around with it. Especially with actual colors!

I'm a Dragon
The webbased-mmorpg is still desperately trying to get me to work on it. Just recently I took another look at it and, well, there is a LOT of work to do. Christmas 2005 I made a short todo list which I will now be working on. Expect new worlds, new content and improved code and site design. It will definitely be back. For more news, you can check out the making of from time to time.

So, this is my current list of projects. Every day I will choose one of those projects that I haven't worked on in the current week - and work on it with full motivation and what's even more important - a clear head.

Thanks to everyone for your patience.

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