December 01st 2011

There's a new event over at Phillip will be playing all Halfquake parts over the next two weekends, this should be fun!

Halfquake Amen and Halfquake Sunrise are now both at Version 1.2. There was a nasty Steam error in HQA and some (now legendary) spelling mistakes, and the Somos battle in HQS had a strange small cube flying around (this was actually a button supposed to move with Somos), a broken wall that shouldn't have been broken yet and a trigger area that fired Somos' laser to a completely different target.

The HQS OST has also seen a little update (some time ago, actually).

As for what's going on right now - I'm trying to get the Keratordash album done by the end of December and then get straight back to Taskless Sheep. I'm still writing Walter's Deal, thinking of my next game and trying to choose my next engine or tool, with which I'm going to create said game. So far I've fired up Unity, UDK, even GameMaker, thought about using Flash again (and wrap those SWF files in cozy EXE robes) or simply utilize fancy HTML5.

I'm not sure yet, but I've got several ideas which need to be implemented soon, or else I'm going to explode.