Rebuilt Once More

Ten years after the last update, I've decided to rebuild this website again. The backend still looks mostly the same, but the frontend is a lot more reduced, using barely any javascript (which is a fun programming language, but the website felt too noisy). I missed having a place where I can just talk about whatever I want. Social media was an interesting experiment, but it has grown far too toxic and addicting for me.

This is the reason why "news" has now changed to "blog". I'd like to have my own corner again. Not on Patreon, where it always has this weird feeling of trying to turn the reader into a subscriber. Not on any other blog website that will die again in a few years because the company can't turn a profit with increasingly aggressive ads.

No, this time it's just a simple website where I can be whoever I want to be. And you can just... read. No comments. No likes, no reactions. No algorithm suggesting what you'd enjoy next.

You can still contact me, of course. I'm always looking forward to getting a new email or message. But this place is now tranquil.

All news entries and projects have their own pages again, just like they used to before 2013. You can even link to fan art directly. There is a news/blog search again at the bottom. And there's no wait time anymore when switching between categories/pages, because nothing is being loaded in the background while the foreground is animating through parallaxed grass.

What's going to happen next? Well, I'm currently working on Faith in Despair, and I'll still post devlog entries over at Patreon. But more personal insights and updates will be written here.

You can sign up for the newsletter, I won't send you a notification for every piece of news, but certainly for the important ones.

If you notice anything missing in this new version, or have any other feedback, just let me know.