August 28th 2007

Have you ever played Super Metroid? I must admit, I kind of missed all the good games because I've never possessed a NES, nor a Super NES, or SEGA Megadrive, or anything of that era (except the original Gameboy). But certain technology advancements make it possible to relive the past. As I strode through some files on my computer I noticed a certain game that was lying there, catching virtual dust. I've never really played it so I fired it up.

Before I continue, you should know that I'm currently in one of those phases everyone encounters during life. At the moment I have a few phases, one of those is the Metroid-phase. In such a phase you're confronted with various entities about the same topic all at once and you can't help but investigate further.

It all kind of started with me getting a Nintendo DS some time ago and the demo for Metroid Prime. The new stylus-first-person-shooter-control-scheme seemed promising and even though it took some time to get used to, it was getting fun - and then boring again. That was my first Metroid encounter.

Now Metroid Corruption is on the way to be released on the Wii - the final Metroid, as the developer claims. I couldn't say I was interested at all, remembering the thin level of excitement of the DS version. I consumed some screenshots and videos, but they all failed to impress me.

Later I read a Top 10 of 8-bit soundtracks. The NES Metroid was ranked 10th for its highly experimental use of technology and the fact that the music seemed to be part of the world.

Then I stumbled upon an IGN special about The History of Metroid. All that buzz around the Metroid series made me read it, because after playing the DS version I didn't get it why this was such a wanted piece of entertainment. The article about Metroid's history however changed my view. It seemed the DS version wasn't really the true Metroid. Not at all.

Then I've played Super Metroid. I suddenly started to understand. Metroid is actually about atmosphere, combined with platformer and exploration elements. I've been very inspired.

I think there's no way around Metroid Corruption on Wii now.

The next atmosphere-driven game on my list is Bioshock. I really can't wait to get my hands on that one.

Why am I writing all this? Well, let's just say atmosphere plays a main role in a certain game I'm currently working on...

I've received the second draft of Antaran's Journal. There are some minor issues that I want resolved first, but in about two weeks I'm sure I can offer you the option to order. If you want, you can tell me now if you're absolutely sure you're getting one (price will be about $12 including shipping, but I want to calculate it this time depending on wherever the order comes from), so that I can tell how many I'll have to order in advance. Just leave a note or send me an e-mail.