August 11th 2007

I kind of missed the old MS' Working History, just because of the ability to keep track of what I'm doing. While the Working History proved somewhat to be increasing the pressure because it was available for everyone else to see, it did keep my thoughts and projects a bit more organized. Also, a few people wanted a notes system for PHQ in the past. So I thought of kind of melting everything into one system that everybody on PHQ could use. I've worked on PHQ's Organizer the last three days, including the new Fellow Sadists section, that resembles a friend list.

Now that it's done, maybe some of you would like to take a look at it. It has a few different uses (notes, todo list, project history) which are all described in the current PHQ news, and in the Dragon Ass-istant's brain.

I have one week off now, so I should make some progress with my current projects.