August 09th 2005

The special edition of the HQA soundtrack is finished, but I can't seem to upload it anywhere because the connection here where I am sitting now screws up all uploads. I'll try later and tomorrow and hopefully it will be up soon.

The new version of the HQA soundtrack includes an instrumental version of the halfquake theme, the ingame version of the intro version of the halfquake theme (heh), and an acoustic version and a demo version of somos. And almost all songs are now encoded in 160kbps and 192kbps. I couldn't find the source files of some songs, but I found mp3's of those songs with 160kbps, that's why they're not in 192kbps.

The new encoded songs aren't that much different from the 128kbps versions, but better than nothing.

Now I can only hope to be able to upload it soon...