August 05th 2005

It's The End of Everything that ends draws attention to it. Artists that you've never heard before suddenly appear in the news when they die. Kurt has become a legend because he killed himself (at least that is what the majority believes). Imagine a Kurt who's 70 years old, wouldn't that be bad for his sales? Michael Jackson would've been forgotten if he wasn't sued for things he did or did not, the majority doesn't even care about what he did, they just sit in front of the TV and enjoy the show when the famous guy who made the album "Thriller" is crying in front of the camera, just like they would enjoy a quiz show. Maybe Michael Jackson should've killed himself after the Thriller album, he'd still be a legend, just like Freddie from Queen, or Diana. I bet they killed her on purpose to make lots of money because people like it when people die.

Sounds like Halfquake.