April 11th 2003

Another day in school, a rainy, but warm weather outside, trying to get my mood down to a world called "Depression",.. passing people, who aren't relevant to the world - things would be the same if one of them weren't given an existence -, another english discussion.

Naive girl: "Philipp, what do you think about reality soaps and Starmania?"
(Starmania is a TV Show in which people from the whole country get voted for best singer who cover songs - a TV Show for getting producers of the show richer and richer so to speak)

Me, surprised that she dares asking me: "Heh, Starmania... Look, I think it's unfair if people become famous for covering songs. People who are not able to compose their own songs, who get said: "Dude/Bitch (or whatever she/he is called), you gotta sing this song, using this melody, you become famous and I get the money, awright? Ah, and wear something thin - know what I mean!"

Another girl: "So you don't think Starmania is cool?"

Me, grinning: "No, because it has nothing to do with music or even art. See, I'm a musician and -"

Another girl: "YOU?! You're a musician?!"

Me, getting really angry: "Yes, and - "

Another girl: "So you sing and play instruments?"

Me: "Yes, you see I -"

Another girl: "Can we hear something?"

Teacher, really intelligent annd enngllish goodly tallck: "Philipp, can we listen to one of your songs?"

Me: "Sure, I got one right here in my Mini Disc player, wait a moment."

I got my Mini Disc player and they all listened to "Rainbow Zombies" and "Senseless fools" (insider, check out the lyrics on my page). They liked it and the teacher even wanted a CD.

The lesson ended and I went outside, feeling abused, raped by ears who didn't hear what my music really was. They just heard the melody, not the message or the spirit. They didn't listen to me, they listened to sounds they converted into a cheap language they better understand. And after a few minutes they had forgotten it anyway. A senseless action, a waste of time for senseless beings.