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Again the loud noise of the door to the jail getting crushed at the wall woke us up. This time the door couldn't cope with how it was treated and fell on the ground. The king stepped in, followed by five guards.
"Good morning," the king said with a broad smile on his face. "I assume you had sweet dreams about comfy beds full of spiders, yes?"
"Go to hell," Tartek answered, still groggy.
"Ah, you know some people who I have dealt with told me that this place is actually worse than hell," the king replied.
"Tough shit," Sereliaen said.
I looked at Sereliaen in disbelieve. I never would have thought this word was even in her vocabulary.
The king looked kinda surprised as well. "Mmmh, dirty language. I like that! Open the cell, boys!" he commanded his guards.
One of the five guards drew his sword - and cut off two hands of another guard, taking them and pressing both cut off hands on the plate next to the cell to open the door. The guard without hands seemed to dislike the whole situation. With the blood flowing out of his arms he left the jail - with haste, I want to add.
"Come here, girl," the king ordered Sereliaen.
"Step off, fucker," Sereliaen hissed.
Tartek gave her a nudge. "Ah, come on, he won't do you no harm. He looks like a decent man, I mean he takes such good care of us, doesn't he?" He looked at me. "Doesn't he?"
I thought for a while, looked at the spiders on the ground, the spilled wine, the old bread, felt the slight pain in my cheek, and yeah, well I had to agree. After all, this was quite some hospitality - unlike the hospitality Carana's parents had provided. Bastards.
"Yeah, Sereliaen, do what the king demands. We're in his house, it would be impolite not to follow his demands," I said.
Sereliaen shrugged. "Beats me. Here I go."
The king took her hand and kissed it. He looked to his guards. "Boys, you know what to do."
The four remaining Insomida Guards started singing "Brother John" in canon, starting one after another.
"Let's dance, Serialean," the king laughed.
"Sereliaen," Sereliaen said.
"Whatever," the king chuckled.
And well what shall I say, they danced the whole day, and the guards sang along. At night they still kept singing and dancing and then Tartek looked at me and we both shrugged and started dancing as well.
But then in all of a sudden - after I had slipped on one of the dead spiders and broke some bone I couldn't remember I'd need so badly - Carana appeared in jail.
"What's going on here? I thought you guys were in danger!" Carana asked.
"Well," the king said. "We certainly are! You know some day my boys here won't be able to sing anymore."
"That's right! And that day has come! DIE!" Carana yelled and charged at the guards.
The king slapped her on her butt and Sereliaen giggled. "Oh, you naughty king, you!" Sereliaen said.
Carana gasped and killed one guard by picking his nose way too high and drawing his brain outside. Then she ate the brain.
"I'm going home," Carana said.
And thus, Tartek had to replace the one guard that was robbed of his brain (some people can't sing without a brain it seems), and they continued singing, and Sereliaen and the king continued dancing and I kept on watching until the end of our days.

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