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... As if I was an animal, they threw me into prison, just a few moments ago. They took all my belongings, had me running around naked in this cold and wet building. I was waiting for them to clear a cell for me, I heard the previous inhabitant hanged himself with his own hair that had grown so long over time. When they let me in, I saw everything the man had left behind - obviously they had just removed the dead body and hadn't cared about the rest. They'd even left his clothes there - good for me, I realized. First, because now I've got a cover for these cold nights, and second, I found this small book here with empty pages and a small pencil next to it. This will help me keeping my thoughts clear and organized. I still don't know why I landed in here. They just caught me while I was walking around on the Insomida Market to find something I could need. Well, I hope this will clear up soon, they will eventually recognize their failure and release me. Maybe I'll even get a compensation. I wouldn't say no to money.
I'm getting tired, it has been a stressful day, and besides the sun is going away, so I can hardly see what I'm writing. Wish me luck.
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