New Fallen Sheep Cover

My album Fallen Sheep is now available on Spotify and other music platforms! The new cover was created by Jana Heidersdorf.

I'm really excited about this new cover and about the release on Spotify, especially because these songs mean a lot to me, and I think the cover encapsulates the whole experience of the album pretty well.

More music is already on the way, including the Catty & Batty soundtrack EP. Thanks for reading!

Catty & Batty RELEASED!

Catty & Batty is now finally available on Steam! I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

There are going to be a few more updates, but for now, this is it. (:

Catty & Batty Trailer

The new trailer for Catty & Batty: The Spirit Guide is now live! I hope you like it. I'm currently preparing everything for the Steam Spring Festival on February 3rd, so I have to make sure there's a demo ready and everything is shiny and spiffy.

The devlog entries are also still ongoing, and there are only a few entries left to do, since the game will launch in February!

If you haven't yet, wishlist the game on Steam, let's hope Steam then realizes how cute the game is and will give it first spot everywhere. :D

More Catty & Batty

Catty & Batty has been streamed to about 100 people by PIGSquad on twitch and it went well, except for the fact that the level couldn't be started XD But other than that, some very good feedback, it's super encouraging! More music and sounds are now in the game, with a bunch of updates still to come.

It's also available on Steam now, so if you can, please wishlist it! It helps the game out because the more wishlists it has on release, the more Steam thinks it needs to be higher in the "new" categories and stuff like that.

What else? Uhm... I drew all the names of my patrons live on twitch, that's going to be in the credits.

The year is slowly coming to an end too, so there's probably only one more update for Catty & Batty in 2020, the next one's going to arrive in 2021.

See you again soon!

Catty & Batty 2: Finish Your Game Jam

My new game got a chunky update past weekend! As part of a gamejam called "Finish Your Game", I was able to invest a lot of time and add 85 new sounds, new music and new art, as well as a new hand-drawn font. You can get the game on and read the list of changes in the devlog entry. My patrons will be in the game as well, and I will draw all names in a future livestream on twitch, so if you'd like to see me draw your name, you too shall become a patron and support all my creative adventures.

Thank you for reading!