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March 28th 2018

In the past few weeks, I've shared the latest versions of two new music tracks (triste and leaving hope academy), I've met my old friend Pospi, and found seven artists who have agreed to share their artwork with me, so I can display it in the Halfquake Trilogy.

I'm currently working on a song called "three thousand years", and there's lots more to come. These are definitely exciting times, and I'm glad you all are here to experience it with me. :D

Remember, the HQ re-release on Steam will be available for free and is only financially supported by people like The Great Lupusrex and The Almighty AxelhacK. If you like what you hear and see, chip in and help spread the Advanced Sadism Theory with everyone on this planet.

February 12th 2018

I'm about to post my 30th update of my Halfquake Trilogy Log series, which will include a roadmap / status overview of the project. I think it's coming along nicely, and there's a bunch of music to be made next, so things will become super exciting now! :D I definitely think that less entries would be better, since it would mean that the trilogy's release were to arrive a lot closer, but given the time restrictions within which I create this, that's simply the way it is. I'm just enjoying the process and going into the tiniest detail. (:

I've also kept making music behind the scenes and I can't wait to reveal those five tracks that I've been working on for that SssSsssSsseeeeccrEEeeEeeett Prooojeeeect!

Finally, let me thank the almighty LILmighty and Alexey "RuleTon" Novikov for the absurd motivation boost they've provided. Alexey is in fact a 3D artist for the horror game Twin Soul, which is just beyond exciting, so please check it out!

And now, back to work. (<

January 04th 2018

What better way to begin this new year than with awesome art by Djigallag - this one's called "Weird Worlds Creators". Check out his deviant for more fantastic drawings, such as the recent Remnants series.

Thank you all, including Gabe and Malastrome15, for an incredibly motivating year 2017. Rest assured, I'll keep making things throughout 2018, and I hope you'll all be around to check it all out every now and then.

Remember, you can follow my Halfquake Trilogy progress right here. New music is on the way too.

I wish you all a healthy and happy new year 2018. May all your dreams and wishes come true.

November 25th 2017


My piano album is finally complete! A physical edition is available in the store.

Thanks to all of you for staying positive throughout my practice sessions, and thank you to my patrons, such as Andrey, who help finance equipment and recording time.

I hope you all enjoy grandscapism. Onto the next project!

November 14th 2017

Dmitriy shared new screenshots of his project "Rotten Memory":

And Djigallag found the old Minecraft pack by Jaeb and totally improved it to make it work for current versions with added details. It's available here.

They are also responsible for translating all of my Halfquake Trilogy Log entries into Russian over on, which is simply awesome. Thanks guys!




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