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January 04th 2018

What better way to begin this new year than with awesome art by Djigallag - this one's called "Weird Worlds Creators". Check out his deviant for more fantastic drawings, such as the recent Remnants series.

Thank you all, including Gabe and Malastrome15, for an incredibly motivating year 2017. Rest assured, I'll keep making things throughout 2018, and I hope you'll all be around to check it all out every now and then.

Remember, you can follow my Halfquake Trilogy progress right here. New music is on the way too.

I wish you all a healthy and happy new year 2018. May all your dreams and wishes come true.

November 25th 2017


My piano album is finally complete! A physical edition is available in the store.

Thanks to all of you for staying positive throughout my practice sessions, and thank you to my patrons, such as Andrey, who help finance equipment and recording time.

I hope you all enjoy grandscapism. Onto the next project!

November 14th 2017

Dmitriy shared new screenshots of his project "Rotten Memory":

And Djigallag found the old Minecraft pack by Jaeb and totally improved it to make it work for current versions with added details. It's available here.

They are also responsible for translating all of my Halfquake Trilogy Log entries into Russian over on, which is simply awesome. Thanks guys!

October 31st 2017

I've drawn 31 images for Catty & Batty's latest adventure! You can check out the correct order in this twitter moment thingy. :D

Next up, the piano album.

September 05th 2017

I've begun working on the Steam version of Halfquake Trilogy. You can follow my progress over here.





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